• Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm
  • Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm
  • Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm
  • Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm
  • Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm
  • Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm

Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm

Port: Shanghai, China
Production Capacity: 3000
Payment Terms: T/T
Transmission Type: Manual
Power: Diesel
Load Capacity: 11-20t
Emission Standard: Euro 3
Tank Volume: 15001-30000L
Drive Wheel: 4X4 -4X2

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Shacman Water Bowser
Engine Capacity
Tire Design
Transport Package
HS Code

Shacman 10 wheeler water tanker truck With Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm
Military Truck Water Tanker (Water Bowser) Good for Rought Road Transport Drinking Water Steel Tank Inner Lined Plastic

  steel tank inner lined Plastic


Shaman 6X4 M3000 5000 Gallon 20m3 Water Tank Truck  Ask for better price   
Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm
Cell /+8615271357675  

The pictures are for your reference only.
 Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbmShacman 6X4 25cbm Water Tank Spray Truck

Overall size9990*2500*2950(mm)Type6x4
wheelbase4325+1350mmPower steeringEquipped
Front Axle9tonRear axle16ton
GearboxManualTire 12.00R-20
Engine266hpTank volume25000Liters
Water pumpEquippedWidth of sprinkler≥14m

1.SHACNMAN 6x4 water tank truck
2.Tank volume: 20000 -  25000Liters
3.Thickness:5mm,6 or lined PE plastic
4.we can do it according to your orders  

carbon steel or stainless steel  or Steel lined LLDPE plastic for Acid wast chemcial liquid tanker
Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm
Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbmShacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm
 SHACMAN 6x4 water tank truck

Main specification 
Product NameSHACMAN F2000,F3000,M3000 water 15-25m3
Driving Type  6×4,left/right hand drive
Payload (kg)20000
Curb weight(kg)10400
Wheelbase (mm)4375+1400
Overall Dimension (mm)Approx.9600×2500×3720
Tank  capacity(m3)15-25m3
 Engine ModelWP10.290E32(290HP)
Engine type6 cylinders , 4 stroke, Turbocharged,water-cooled,diesel
Displacement (L)9.726L
Rated power  ((Kw)213kw
Emission standard euro 2/euro 3
 Drive Line
Transmission9JS119,9 forwards, 1 reverse gear, manual operation
Steering With power steering 
Brake systemAir brake
Cab with A/C
Tire specification
Tire specification 12.00R20, 10 tires+1 spare tire
Front/Rear axles MAN 7.5T /13T STR
Specification of water truck
Water tanker materialOf high quality carbon steel (Q235). 
Introduction 1. Suction≥7m  Sprinkler width≥14m   Range≥28m
2. with front spout, back spill and side spout function
3. with the working platform at the back, wich can be installed green high-pressure water spray gun.(The spray gun shape can be adjustable: heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzling rain or haze.)
4. Provide the best high-power sprinkle pumps quality of the national,And with fire coupling, self-flow add self- priming function.
ManholeMan way access hole on top of tank;1 units DN500mm manhole
Horse reelsTwo hose reels at each side of the truck
Water pump Water pump model: CLW80QZF-60/90N (N/S)
Water pump flow rate(L/m): 60m3/h
Head of delivery(m): 90m 
Self-priming function(min/4m):1.5
Related rotate speed(r/min)1180
matched power(kw):22

Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm
 Technical parameter
1.Equipped with front(rear, side)sprinkler(sprinkling width>14m ) ;Equipped with rear working platform with water cannon ( range>28m );Equipped with water pump(suction lift>6m);Equipped with fire valve, water valve, and filter gauze 
2. Equipped with front flushing, back sprinkle and side spray, high pressure gun in rear Platform, two water pipe, it length is equal to the tank's
3. Equipped with the working platform at the back, which can be installed green high-pressure water spray gun or sprayer.(The spray gun or sprayer shape can be adjustable: heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzling rain or haze.)
4. Equipped with the best quality water pumps in China, And with fire coupling, self-flow add self- priming function.
5.Tanker material : 4mm thickness high quality carbon steel
Vehicle main technical information:
Product Name  SHACMAN 6x4 25m3 water sprinkler truck price
Product ModelSX5256GSSMM434
Water tank size6100*2300*1500mm
(length*long axis*minor axis)
Overall size(L*W*H)9885*2490*3170mm
Gross weight25000kgs
Rated capacity14000kgs
Curb weight10870kgs
Approaching/Departure Angle18/11(°)
Front/Rear suspension1485/2675mm
Chassis Parameters:
Chassis BrandShaanxi automobile
Chassis modelSX1256MM434 
Drive type6*4
Fuel TypeDiesel
Tire Specification11.00R20 16PR,11.00-20 18PR
Tire No.10
Alex No.3
Leaf Spring No.3/5,10/12
Front trend2011mm
Rear trend1860/1860mm
Passengers in cab3
Axle loading7000/18000
Engine Parameters:
ManufacturerWeichai power Co.,Ltd.
Horse Power270HP
Emission standardEuro 3-5-6

Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm

 Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm

Water Truck,Shacman 25000L Water Truck,Shacman 25000L Water Bowser,Shacman25000L Spraying Truck,Shacman  25000L water tank lorry,Shacman 25000L Water Cart,Shacman  25000L  Water Tanker, Shacman 25000L Water Wagon,Shacman 25000L Water Tanker Truck,Shacman 25000L Water Sprinkler Truck,Shacman 25000L Watering Vehicle,Shacman 25000L Watering Cart 
water, suppressing dust, high and low spraying, pesticide spraying, rail and construction washing and other functions, but also has the function of water transport, milk transport, water drainage, emergency fire and so on.

Chassis Specification
Main ParameterModelDRZ5250GSSSH25
Wheelbase (mm)4375+1350
Driving Type6*4 left hand driving
CabOne and a half row seats, a/c is optional
Max Speed (km/h)80
GVW ( kg)25000
Truck Tare Weight (kg)11400
Overall Dimension (mm)9960 * 2500 * 3200
Rated Output (hp)290
Exhaust (ml)9726
Fuel TypeDiesel fuel
Max. Torque (N.m)1160
Emission StandardEurope II
TireNumber of Tires11 (including 1 spare tire)
Tire Size11.00R20
Gear BoxType9JS119
AxleNumber of Axles3
Front Axle TypeMAN 5.5T
Rear Axle TypeDouble 13T MAN
Load-bearing (kg)31T
Upper Parts Specification
Water Tank Capacity25CBM
Sprinklerfront, side, rear three sprinklers
ValvesFire valve and water valve
Tank shape Ellipse
Material of tanker 5mm carbon steel
Color of the tanker According your demands
Special functionRating speed1450r/min
self-suction height7.5m
sprinkler width≥14m
the rangewhen adjusted column,the range ≥30m
when adjusted fog, the range≤15m 
Introduction of functionfront rise and back sprinkler, side spray, with working platform at back of truck, with high pressure gun, which can be adjusted according to requirement, and assemble the high quality watering pump, with fire fighting connection and overflow valve, with self-suction function.
FittingsPTO water pump 
One Manhole
water hose box fitted on both side of tank 
One spare tyre
Ladder: For access to top of tank complete with cat walk on top of tank
Heavy-duty rear bumper


Water  truck is composed of automobile chassis, and out of the water system and tanker. According to the different use of the environment and the purpose of a variety of spraying and water transport function. Multifunctional sprinkler set a variety of functions as one, generally can be used by the user requirements of special restructuring.

Water Truck is suitable for various pavement washing, trees, green belt, green lawn, roads, construction of factories and mines, high-altitude construction flushing. 

 Water tank truck Price list 
Standard configurationChassis, sub frame, carbon steel water tank, manhole, water pump, front/side/rear spray nozzle, rear working platform, water cannon, fire valve, water valve, filter gauze,water hose, climbing ladder.
Selective configuration1.Stainless Steel/Aluminum Alloy Water Tank,  Price Add  $1000 /cbm ( $5000-$20000)
2.Insulation Layer For Water Tank,   Price Add  $2000-$3000
3.Stainless Steel Water Pump,  Price Add $1500- $2000 
4.Fire Pump, Fire Cannon  CB10/20 Price Add $2800 ; CB10/30  Price Add  $3100
5.Pesticide Cannon, Pump Price Add  $100-$8000
6.Cabin Remote Control Front Cannon  Price Add  $2000
7.Honda Motor Pump Price Add  $700
8.RHD Price add $3000 ( ISUZU only LHD)
9.Optional mounted with Crane, Man Lift Basket, Rear Spraying Device, Barrel Pesticide Spraying Device, Gasoline Pesticide Machine, Diesel Pesticide Machine, Led Arrow Lights
Extended modelwater transporting truck, thermal insulation water transporting truck, drinking water tank truck, liquid food truck, fire water tank truck, pesticide spraying truck, and etc.
Vehicle modelChassis brandChassis modelTankOverall dimensionsWheel baseEngine modelHP/standardTireFOB Price
   Litersmmmm   USD
DRZ5240GSSHCAMCHN1240P29E2M3J2000010420X2500X35605220+1350WP10.270E32270/Euro 311.00R20$45,528
DRZ5160GSSDDONGFENGDFL1160BX120008290X2370X27604700B190 33190/Euro 39.00-20$26,175
DRZ5250GSSDDONGFENGDFL1250A92200010770X2480X31005350+1300C260 33260/Euro 311.00R20$43,768
DRZ5311GSSDDONGFENGDFL1311A43000011980X2500X36901850+4600+1350C260 33260/Euro 311.00R20$47,751
DRZ5060GSSEDONGFENGEQ1060TJ20D350005980X1980X21803300CY4102-C3F95/Euro 37.00-16$11,603
DRZ5090GSSEDONGFENGEQ1090T9ADJ3AC60006995X2285X27803800CY4102-E3C120/Euro 37.50R16$15,197
DRZ5110GSSEDONGFENGEQ1100FKJ80007350X2440X27903950YC4E140-33140/Euro 39.00-20$15,672
DRZ5108GSSEDONGFENGEQ1108KJ100007450X2480X29853950B170 33170/Euro 39.00-20$19,180
DRZ5121GSSEDONGFENGEQ1121GKJ100007450X2480X29853950YC4E160-33160/Euro 39.00-20$16,946
DRZ5126GSSEDONGFENGEQ1126KJ1120008500X2460X30004700B190 33190/Euro 39.00-20$21,404
DRZ5141GSSEDONGFENGEQ1141KJ150008105X2490X30504500B190 33190/Euro 310.00-20$21,566
DRZ5290GSSEDONGFENGEQ1290WFJ3000011995X2495X36901950+4250+1300C280 33280/Euro 311.00-20$44,243
DRZ5253GSSEDONGFENGEQ5253GFJ2220009950X2480X35504350+1300B210 33210/Euro 310.00-20$29,769
DRZ5250GSSCFAWCA1250P63K1L5T1AE4Z2000010425X2495X32004800+1350BF6M1013-28E4280/Euro 411.00R20$49,025
DRZ1310GSSCFAWCA1310P63K2L6T4E3000011860X2495X31001950+4550+1350CA6DL1-31E3F310/ Euro 311.00R20$49,834
DRZ5073GSSBFOTONBJ1073VEJEA-A50005990X1955X230033604DW91-63NG298/ Euro 26.50-16$10,017
DRZ5102GSSBFOTONBJ1102VDPEA-G160007225X2300X268039004102QBZL130/ Euro 28.25-16$14,723
DRZ5163GSSBFOTONBJ1163VKPGG-1120009000×2490×31505000Phaser160Ti-33160/ Euro 39.00R20$24,588
DRZ5257GPSBFOTONBJ5257GNFJH-S12200010350X2490X30104725+1300SC9DK270Q3B1270/ Euro 310.00-20$41,383
DRZ5070GSSQISUZUQL1070A1KAY60007250X2300X235038154KH1-TCG40120/ Euro 47.00-15$23,962
DRZ5160GSSQISUZUQL1160ANFRY160009000X2465X290050006HK1-TCNG40240/ Euro 410.00-20$54,357
DRZ5250GSSQISUZUQL1250DNFZY200009480X2495X35504350+13006HK1-TCSG40280/ Euro 41.00-20$68,928
DRZ5050GSSQISUZUQL10503HARY50005990X1870X225033604JB1CN98/ Euro 47.00-15$19,493
DRZ5090GSSQISUZUQL11009MARY100008490X2390X255044754HK1-TCG40190/Euro 48.25-20$31,118
DRZ5161GSSHJACHFC1161P3K2A47F100008500X2500X31504700YC4E160-42160/Euro 411.00R20$30,406
DRZ5241GSSHJACHFC1241P2K1C54F2000011990X2500X35601900+5400CA6DF4-20E4200/ Euro 411.00R20$42,343
DRZ5311GSSHJACHFC1311P2K4H45F3000010980X2500X37551900+4500+1350WP10.270E40270/ Euro 411.00R20$53,796
DRZ5254GSSNNorth-BenzND1254B41J200009770X2480X30304100+1350WP10.270E32270/ Euro 311.00R20$42,495
DRZ5310GSSNNorth-BenzND1310D46J7Z013000011960X2495X31001950+4650+1350WP10.310E32310/ Euro 311.00R20$51,421
DRZ5255GSSFSSHACMANSX1255NN464200009935X2490X32104575+1400WP10.290E32290/ Euro 312.00R20$46,240
DRZ5315GSSFSSHACMANSX1315NN45613000012000X2490X33401800+4575+1400WP10.270E31270/ Euro 311.00R20$45,765
DRZ5165GSSSSHACMANSX1165UN461150008620X2490X31004600WP10.270E31270/ Euro 312.00R20$34,939
DRZ5255GSSS434SHACMANSX1255UM434200009800X2495X31304325+1350WP10.290E32290/ Euro 312.00R20$41,858
DRZ5315GSSSSHACMANSX1315TM45613000011996X2496X34741800+4500+1350WP10.310E32310/Euro 312.00R20$50,860
DRZ5167GSSZSINOTRUKZZ1167M4611W100008500X2500X33004600WD615.92266/ Euro 212.00-20$35,738
DRZ5257GSSZSINOTRUKZZ1257N4341W200009895X2496X29584325+1350WD615.69336/ Euro 212R22.5$44,006

Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm

  Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm
Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm

Shacman 10 Wheels Water Tanker Truck with Water Bowser 20cbm -25cbm

Cell :+8615271357675


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